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Consultations with the surgeon can be done over the internet via video skype,
Alternatively consultations with the surgeon face to face is done in Sydney.
Currently surgery is carried out in Sydney.

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Breast Implants & Augmentation – Ballarat

Breast augmentation surgery or enlargement Ballarat is one of the commonly sought cosmetic surgery procedures. Because we all want to feel and look our best, most women opt for breast augmentation to help boost their confidence when size and shape doesn’t enhance their natural body shape. We offer a completely natural-looking breast augmentation procedure with the use of safe implants which is designed to complement the natural curves of the body. Breast shape and volume may have been lost because of various factors such as ageing, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, or simply underdeveloped breasts during the teenage years.

Undergoing breast augmentation surgery at our state-of-the-art medical facilities can help you achieve fuller and younger-looking breasts and let you experience the self-confidence that comes with natural-looking and perfect breasts. As one of Australia’s leading breast augmentation provider, we offer a wide array of procedures you can choose from. Your procedure begins with a personal one-on-one consultation at our clinic to determine a solution that offers the best results for your body contour. It is vital to correctly match the shape of the implant, size and its position in the body – the wrong implant may alter the outcome of the procedure.

How do I choose the right breast shape, size and type?

In order to achieve natural-looking results, your ideal size and shape should be in proportion with the rest of your body. There are a wide array of breast implant sizes and shapes available, hence proper selection is of great importance. The goal is to select a breast implant with the correct height, width and projection that best suits your overall body shape and image. Our experienced surgeons will take into account factors such as your skin thickness, physique, chest muscle and breast tissue when assessing the final suitable size for you. They will guide you through choosing the appropriate breast implant for you. Most importantly, they will guide you on a choice which will not only enhance your breast profile but a safe and healthy choice. Implants are available in both silicone and saline form. To ascertain that complications associated with the procedure will be minimized, our team of surgeons only uses silicone implants of superior quality.

Our surgeons will recommend an implant size, shape and type that will help restore the balance to your body than create excessively large breasts; therefore they will not insert implants that are too big for your pectoral muscles. Doing so may compromise your overall health, which is not recommended. The aim of breast augmentation is to achieve a proportionate, natural-looking appearance for your frame. Implants can be round or tear drop in shape. Round shaped implants are very popular as they aid in increasing the volume of the breast along with its fullness. They tend to reinforce the upper pole fullness whereas anatomical or tear drop implants are usually fuller in the lower part of the breast. Tear drop implants are well-suited for women who have little natural breast tissue, and are concerned over sagging of the breasts. Although patients sometimes can request for a particular type of implant, our surgeon will recommend to you which implant best suits you.

You can choose between a smooth or textured outer shell. Smooth-shelled implants are usually thinner and have a shiny polished surface. These implants are more mobile and can move within the pocket of the breast that’s why they are generally easier to work with. Textured implants are slightly thicker and have a rough surface. These implants are not mobile as smooth-shelled implants.

Where are breast implants placed?

Placement depends on how much breast tissue patients have. Generally speaking, if you have adequate breast tissue, the implant is inserted in front of the pectoral muscles. But if you have small tissue, it will be placed under the muscles.

Can your breast implant rupture?

Breast implants are not lifetime devices. At some point, they may leak or rupture. Most of our surgeons opt for silicone implants than saline implants as the possibility of leakage is significantly low. Rupture of implants can result in changes in breast size and overall appearance such as reduction in size and a noticeable malformation.

Choosing the size of an implant will depend on several factors such as the breast diameter and the nipple projection. Once these basic measurements are known, then the placement of the breast implant can be determined. These factors are of utmost importance to prevent the rupture of implants and the occurrence of capsular contracture or hardening of the breasts. Our team of expert practitioners sees to it that meticulous preparation, evaluation and sterile techniques are done during the operation to avoid unforeseen occurrences which may alter your desired outcome. Also, we advise each of our patients to strictly adhere to the recovery instructions provided by our surgeons.

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