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Consultations with the surgeon can be done over the internet via video skype,
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Auckland Breast Augmentation & Implants

The decision to undergo breast augmentation using implants (also referred to as “boobjob”) is a very personal decision to make. Although being one of the most performed cosmetic surgery operations worldwide, this procedure may still have risks and complications. The range of devices used in the procedure has significantly expanded over the years. There is now a variety of shapes, sizes and breast appearances that can be achieved with the procedure. We find in our practice that most patients have a pre-determined ideal breast appearance they would like to achieve. It is of utmost importance therefore, that you clearly communicate with your surgeon for you to have a glimpse of the procedure and be able to understand its outcome. There are a variety of methods which can be used to assist you in this communication. The most common methods are the use of before and after photos of patient’s breasts, computer modeling, or the use of tester implants placed inside a bra.

What are the types of implants to choose from?

Saline implants were used in the early years and until today. They were not without their own complications however, and it was not uncommon for patients to complain of rippling, specifically in the medial part of the cleavage area. In thin patients, rippling proved particularly difficult to correct. The advantage of saline implants is that they could be inserted through a much smaller opening. Some of the implants are similar to silicone gel in their outside coating, and can be obtained in both smooth and textured coatings as well as being available in round and tear drop shape.

In the last 5 years, newer implants are developed. These breasts implants are considered safer than the original silicone gel implants because its silicone are more stable and will not easily leak out of the implant if the capsule is damaged. Our team of highly qualified surgeons has access to these types of cohesive gel implant, which makes every procedure safe and natural looking because of the implant’s stability. In general, most patients are opting for these kinds of implants to avoid potential medial cleavage rippling and to resist temperature changes especially during cold exposure. The newer implants in particular are extremely smooth and cannot be easily detected once inserted behind your breast. The disadvantage of cohesive gel implants is that it requires a larger incision measuring about 4.5 cm.

What are the different incision techniques you can choose from?

Axillary incision: This incision is placed high up on the front side of the hair-bearing skin. It does not leave any scar on the breast but it has a higher incidence of pocket asymmetry. This incision should be used with caution especially in thin patients and those with any irregularities in the breast implant or pocket. Additionally, it is almost impossible to conduct any revisional surgery through axillary incision and hence the inframammary fold incision is used if a secondary surgery is needed.

Areola incision: This incision is done around the underside of the areola. In patients who make fine scars this is a compatible option. The obvious disadvantage of this incision is that the scar can be noticeable if there is poor wound healing.

Inframammary fold incision: This common incision needs to be 4.5 cm in length and is placed on underside of the breast in the skin crease. This incision allows direct visualization of the inframammary fold and gives immediate access to the space behind the breast.

Umbilical incision: This incision is only possible with a saline implant. Cohesive gel implant is impossible to insert through this incision as they require at least 4.5 cm.

Whilst your surgeon will endeavour to dissect both breasts in a symmetrical manner, there will always be slight discrepancies between your left and right breasts. Breast asymmetry is more likely to be noticeable in women who are very thin. For example, the use of an anterior axillary approach or incision under the armpit is associated with a higher risk of developing breast asymmetry than an inframammary fold incision. It is important to understand the risks and complications involved with this surgery. The choice to proceed to undergo a desired surgical procedure should be based on the comparison of the risk to the potential benefit. Although most patients do not experience complications, you should discuss each of them with your surgeon during consultation. Your doctor may suggest the best option for your desired breast procedure and provide you with different health teachings to aid you in the recovery period.

To get a precise cost in your surgery, you can have an online evaluation and discuss this matter with one of our sales representatives. Our team can provide you with all the necessary information you will need in order to select the best location and your procedure.

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