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Consultations with the surgeon can be done via skype Australia wide,
Alternatively consultations with the surgeon face to face is done in Sydney.
Currently surgery is carried out in Sydney.

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Breast Implants & Augmentation Albury

  • They are unhappy with the size & shape of their breasts
  • Their breast size prevents them from wearing their desired clothes.
  • They want to regain their previous sized breasts which pregnancy, ageing and other related factors took from them.

Whatever the reason is, there is just one common goal – to achieve natural, full breasts. Breast Augmentation is the aesthetic enlargement of the breasts that involves prosthetic devices called breast implants. This procedure has always been one of the most common cosmetic procedures.

How safe is breast augmentation?

Today, most of our surgeons use silicone gel implants because of its good safety record. The earlier silicone gel implants contain liquid silicone instead of gel and had thinner cover. These features increase the chance of leakage of the contents into the breast tissue. Unlike newer implants, its thick cover prevents leakage of the contents into the surrounding tissues even if defect develops. The combination of technically sound implants together with a low risk to cause body problems makes silicone gel implants a safe device.

Where is the implant placed?

The surgeon will first locate your pectoralis major muscle and place the implant either in front or behind it. If significant breast sagging is present, then placement behind the muscle can result to unnatural double fold in the breast’s lower part which is so-called the double bubble effect. If there is extremely small breast volume, then the placement behind the breast itself can result to an unnatural curvature. This is where the shape of the implant becomes more evident.

What is Capsular Contracture?

This is one of the most common potential complications of breast enhancement procedures if done by an unqualified surgeon. The body treats every implant or other objects placed inside it as a foreign body. As a protective mechanism, the body surrounds the implant with a layer of collagen to isolate it. Within a few weeks, this becomes a complete, thin but strong layer that surrounds the implant. This capsule usually remains thin and does not cause any significant problems. But if the capsule thickens, it causes an undesirable change in the appearance and sensation. In worst cases, the capsules will be removed through another surgery and the implants are usually replaced during the procedure. The occurrence of capsular contracture is often unpredictable but it is believed that irritation of the capsule causes the thickening. To prevent such occurrence, our surgeons always meticulously pay attention to the sterility of the operation, use the appropriate antibiotic for the operation, and remove debris from the pockets created for the implants.

What are the different types, shapes and features of breast implants?

A new generation implant is now available in the market with a claimed lowest ever capsular contracture rate. Most of our surgeons have access to the purest silicone implants which are manufactured in the only fully automated facility. There are different types of implants which surgeons can choose from. All implants have a silicone shell or cover. Its content can be saline (salt water) or silicone. Silicone implants which are the most used implants today contain cohesive gel that prevents leakage into the surrounding breast tissue. Saline implants have the potential to leak. Polyurethane coated implants or also known as Furry Brazilians are silicone gel implants that are coated with polyurethane. It dissolves in the body after a few months of insertion. If the implants had to be removed, it can be very difficult to do so. The main reason why polyurethane coated implants are used is that it has low capsular contracture rate.

The two basic shapes of implants are anatomical (tear drop) and round. Round implants are dome-shaped and are the most popular implants. They simulate a normal breast with a person positioned horizontally. On standing, they assume the classical breast shape under the effect of gravity. Anatomical implants are made of a firmer cohesive gel but are not well known because of their potential to rotate when inserted. Another potential problem is they require a lengthy incision in the crease under the breast in order insert it.

With regards to the shell or outside cover, this can be either smooth or textured. The texture of the surface is produced by a fine roughening in last stage of manufacture to reduce the occurrence of capsular contracture. However, texturing is still debated if it really reduces the rate of capsular contracture. Most women prefer significant enlargement while having a natural appearance. There are several available projections (forward projection of the breast) for any particular person based on their anatomy and perception. All of these are discussed during consultation with our surgeons. It is recommended that you ask inquiries regarding your desired procedure to lessen your anxiety, be knowledgeable of the risk and complications related to the procedure, and what to do during the recovery period.

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