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Consultations with the surgeon can be done via skype Australia wide, Alternatively consultations with the surgeon face to face is done in Sydney. Currently surgery is carried out in Sydney.

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Breast Implants & Augmentation West Lakes

Breast augmentation enhances the size and shape of the breasts using surgically placed implants or fats obtained from the patient’s body. This is a very popular procedure and among the most performed cosmetic procedures worldwide. To achieve the specific look you want, we offer a complete range of breast implants – silicone, saline, cohesive gel implants which are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to match your cosmetic needs.

It All Starts with a Consultation

The outcome of your breast augmentation procedure will greatly depend on what you and your surgeon agreed during the initial consultation. Our surgeons will guide you in selecting the best implant for your body. They will also evaluate your natural breast tissue, frame and general body size to establish your improved, natural, proportional and fuller breasts. Our FRACS-certified surgeons perform each breast augmentation in our state-of-the-art outpatient surgical facilities.

Are you a Good Fit?

You may be a good fit for the procedure if you are:

  • 18 years old and healthy (for saline implants)
  • 22 years old and healthy (for silicone gel implants)
  • No history of bleeding or clotting disorders, hypertension, or cardiovascular disorders
  • In good overall health

You are not a good fit if you have:

  • An active infection
  • Existing cancer or pre-cancer who is not on adequate treatment
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding

Other physical and emotional factors can influence your recovery and final result. You must carefully consider different factors before engaging in the procedure such as the following:

  • Your overall health.
  • Your lifestyle factors – smoking, alcohol and your current medications can alter your healing capabilities
  • Prior breast surgeries.
  • Predisposition to developing capsular contracture (hardening of the breasts)

What Happens During the Procedure?

You will be required to sign a written consent before the procedure together with other paper works. Once all of these are settled, you will be brought to the operating room. A certified anesthesiologist will introduce general anesthesia to induce sleep. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, your plastic surgeon will create an incision behind your breasts to make a space within your breast tissues. The breast implants will then be placed into the pockets and positioned for optimal appearance and balance. After proper placement is verified, your surgeon will close the incision – usually with non-absorbable sutures, although surgical tape or glue may also be used.

Where is the Surgery Performed?

Breast augmentation and other breast procedures are most frequently performed on an outpatient basis, in a hospital operating room, or your surgeon’s office. You can also discuss an approach to your surgery that could require an overnight stay.

What are my Breast Incision Site Options?

Your surgical incision can be created in the armpit, around the nipple, under your breast crease, or at your belly button. All of these are discussed during the initial consultation in which you are given a cooling off period to decide.

Where will the Implants be placed?

There are two choices to make for the placement of your implants. They can be placed under your breast tissue (sub-glandular) or partially under your chest muscle (sub-muscular). Each placement type has its benefits and will depend on the amount of your breast tissue, general body type and preferences.

What do I need to know about the Warranty of Implants?

Another component to consider is the warranty of your breast implants. Warranties can add value to your breast augmentation package by protecting you from any additional costs. Some warranties are free when you purchase breast implants. Some may offer a lifetime warranty while some may only have several years. Discover how you may save money and protect yourself from any cost that may arise by reading more about your warranty options.

What will I expect After the Procedure?

You may be required to wear support garments to avoid unnecessary movements that may reopen the incision. Your doctor or nurse will advise you on specific homecare instructions such as the following:

  • Refrain from smoking as it can delay the healing process.
  • Stop taking Aspirin as it can lead to bleeding (hemorrhage).
  • Watch out for untoward signs and symptoms such as increasing pain, swelling, changes in breast sensation, hardening of the breasts, fever, pus, visible or palpable implants, and asymmetry of the breasts.

What are my financing options?

If you are not able to pay for breast augmentation up front, we offer patient financing options to cut down the initial cost of surgery by allowing our patients to make payments that fit their budget. Our programs include low interest rates that allow you to pay off the remaining amount more quickly. Speak with our surgeons directly or with our customer service representative regarding the costs of breast augmentation procedure and financing options available to you.

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