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Fuller and rounder breasts do not only add to a woman’s sex appeal but also boost her self-confidence. Over time, the breasts start to lose its form due to the normal process of ageing, pregnancy, breastfeeding and sudden changes in weight. Also, if the breasts are surgically removed in the treatment for breast cancer, a woman’s self-esteem and quality of life can be disrupted. Today, all of these problems can be addressed by a procedure called breast augmentation or breast implants surgery. This procedure involves the use of breast implants to restore the volume of the breasts and alter its appearance in such a way that it will be in proportion with the body.

We offer breast augmentation procedure to provide a long-term solution to underdeveloped and small breasts. Our cosmetic services are of high quality and offer the best care possible for our clients. Our professional team of FRACS-certified surgeons and registered nurses has a vast experience in the cosmetic field due to the large volume of patients they treat. Our state-of-the-art medical facilities are equipped with the latest technology to make your surgical experience safe, convenient, and to achieve your desired results. We offer the most stable and latest breast implants on the market at highly competitive prices without compromising on quality and safety.

What happens during the consultation process?

Proper assessment and discussion with your surgeon will greatly influence the outcome of the procedure. During the initial consultation, you will be asked with the following information:

  • Your medical history – bleeding or clotting problems, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems makes you a bad candidate for the procedure.
  • Your current medications – long-term use of Aspirin may increase your risk for bleeding and may alter the outcome of the procedure.
  • Your smoking habits – you will be asked to stop smoking few weeks prior to the procedure as it can delay the process of healing.
  • Your reasons for having the surgery – it is important that you are doing it for yourself and not to satisfy or fulfill someone else’s desires

Also, during this time, your surgeon will discuss the different types of implants and its placement, and the location and technique of the incision. Our team will guide you through the decision-making process and will give you sufficient time to think about it.

What happens during the procedure?

Your surgeon and nurse will help you understand what you need to know about the procedure. It is vital that you are fully aware of the risks and complications and you have a better understanding of what you will go through before you sign the written consent or any paper works.

You will be brought to the operating room after the surgical materials and items are prepared. A certified anesthesiologist will introduce general anesthesia to induce sleep. After the anesthesia has taken effect, your surgeon will create an incision in your breasts – the location of the incision is discussed with you prior to the surgery; in general it is created on the breast crease, in the armpit, or through the navel. The implant will now be inserted in the pocket and placement will be verified by your surgeon. After a few adjustments, the wound will now be closed using absorbable sutures. Sterile dressings will be applied to cover the wound. You will be now brought to the ward for observation. If no complications arise, you will be discharged after a day or two.

What to do in the recovery period?

Recovery after the procedure will continue at home. In general, you will need to adhere to the following instructions to prevent unwanted signs and symptoms:

  • Avoid Aspirin and other medications that can cause bleeding.
  • Avoid lifting your hand over your head and avoid strenuous activities.
  • Change dressings and clean the wound per doctor’s advice.
  • Continue your pain-relievers and antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Do not touch the surgical wound using your bare hands.
  • Refrain from smoking as it can delay healing.
  • Return to your doctor for follow-up to assess the status of your implants and your breast health.
  • Watch out for untoward signs and symptoms such as bleeding, severe swelling, draining of pus, fever, increasing pain, visible or palpable implants, breast sensation changes, and other things that you suspect to be abnormal.

Are there health issues that I need to know?

Having breast implants does not increase your risk for breast cancer. However, you can develop capsular contracture or hardening of the breasts if you are not properly assessed on a consistent basis. Your ability to breastfeed and the results of mammograms can be affected. Talk to your doctor about what to expect in the long run and what are the abnormal things to watch out for to prevent unwanted complications.

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