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Undergoing breast augmentation may help you achieve fuller breasts that you once dreamed of. It may be considered as a type of cosmetic surgery but it is also done for reconstructive purposes. In reconstructive surgery, surgeons make use of different types of implants to restore anatomy due to birth defects, trauma or deformity caused by medical conditions such as cancer. Breast augmentation procedure as a reconstructive surgery, can help build new breasts especially in patients who had their breasts removed (radical mastectomy). Women with sagging breasts as a result of old age, pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight fluctuations can also benefit from the procedure.

What are the things to consider before undergoing breast implant surgery?

Going under the knife has its risks and possible complications. However, the results of the surgery will last forever. If you are concerned about the way you will look after, there are alternatives to breast augmentation procedure such as wearing padded bras or accepting yourself. But if you are determined to achieve long lasting results, then you can consider having the surgery. Make sure that you are doing this to make yourself happy and not to fulfill someone else’s desires.

Before you decide on breast implants surgery, there are some important health and financial issues you should keep in mind: Breast augmentation does not correct severely sagging breasts but a breast lift can.

  • Breast implants may affect breastfeeding.
  • You may need to remove or replace your breast implants after 10 to 15 years as they are not designed to last a lifetime.
  • Cosmetic surgery does not usually qualify for Medicare rebates or other health insurances.
  • Smokers are at increased risk of complications such as delayed wound healing.

Think about all of these important issues before you come up with a decision.

How will I determine the right breast implant?

The implant type, shape, texture and size depend on several factors, such as your desired breast profile, skin thickness and elasticity, and general body type. Rest assured, your surgeon will guide you through the entire process until you come up with the right implant.

How will I find a qualified surgeon for me?

Ask your doctor for advice on a qualified, experienced and reputable surgeon. At your first consultation, always ask your surgeon about their training and years of experience. Our surgeons are all FRACS-certified so we assure all of our patients that they are in good hands.

What will I expect during the consultation process?

When you meet your plastic surgeon, they will identify your needs and discuss your options. The first consultation will also assess your breasts and chest area. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will also take necessary measurements and further discuss your desired results from breast augmentation procedure. This information will guide the surgeon in choosing the right style of implant and the most suitable operation for your needs.

For all cosmetic surgery, your surgeon will offer a cooling off period to give you sufficient time to consider if breast augmentation is in your best interest. The specialist plastic surgeon will set a date before your surgery to further discuss the operation, and confirm the breast implant and operation agreed upon.

Am I a good candidate?

Before the operation, you need to discuss different issues with your surgeon. These include your medical history, allergic reaction to medications if any, lifestyle and other factors. If you are a smoker, you need to stop it few weeks before the operation as it can delay the process of healing. If you are on current medications such as Aspirin, you will be advised to stop taking it as this can increase your risk for heavy bleeding. Good candidates are those who have realistic expectations about the procedure and are in good overall health.

What will happen during the operation?

Our surgeons and team of registered nurses will prepare first the operative field making sure that all of the items to be used are sterile. You will be put to sleep using general anesthesia and your surgeon will make an incision on the breasts to create a pocket for the chosen implants. The location and technique of the incision will be decided with you beforehand. The wound will be now closed using absorbable sutures and sterile dressings will be applied.

After the operation, you may expect:

  • a drainage tube to avoid accumulation of body fluids inside the wound
  • bruising and swelling
  • pain and discomfort which are usually tolerable
  • possible breast numbness
  • to be given antibiotics for a week to prevent infection

But if you experience the following symptoms, consult with your surgeon immediately:

  • bleeding
  • increasing pain
  • fever
  • wound has reopened
  • allergic reaction such as skin redness and swelling

All of these untoward reactions can be prevented under the hands of our experienced team of surgeons.

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