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Pearly white teeth conveys good health. People are more inclined to start a conversation with you when they see that pretty smile. But if you lack this asset don’t despair. Undergoing a teeth whitening procedure may just be what you need to increase your attractiveness.

You are a good candidate for teeth whitening if:

  • you are above 16 and have good dental health
  • you have positive outlook and realistic expectations of the procedure
  • you are suffering from superficial tooth stains
  • you do not have gum disease
  • you do not have tooth-coloured fillings, crowns, caps or bonding in your teeth
  • you are not pregnant and lactating

Many people think that teeth whitening yields a permanent result. Unfortunately, your chances of teeth discoloration after a teeth whitening procedure will remain high unless you give up coffee, soft drinks, tea, and smoking which are primary culprits for staining teeth. Taking care of your teeth can go a long way to prolong the effect of teeth whitening.

In getting your teeth whitened expect to render several visits to your dentist. Therefore, it is very important that you are comfortable with your oral health practitioner so that you can freely disclose your concerns and expectations.

If you have tooth decay your dentist will have to treat it first before whitening your teeth. One way to lighten your teeth by a few shades is through the use of laser teeth whitening which takes approximately 1 hour and a half.

As there are several options to whiten teeth make sure to ask your dentist which is the most suitable technique for you and why.

Benefits of teeth whitening

  • boosts self-confidence
  • bright, straight teeth reveals good oral health
  • better looking smile

To know if you make a good candidate for teeth whitening simply fill out our personal assessment form. A board-certified dental specialist will review your information and provide a price estimate for the procedure.

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