prices for surgery in australia

Surgery Price List
Breast Surgery Breast Augmentation / Implants Starting From $5,990*
Each city varies in price - Contact us for more info
Breast Lift $8,990 (Crescent Nipple Lift)*
$11,990 (Full Lift)*
$13,990 (Full Lift + Implant)*
Breast Implant Replacement $8,990*
Breast Reduction $12,900 (Normally $14,900)*
($8,900 Upfront Plus $77/week for 52 weeks. No Interest)*
Liposuction Liposuction $1,200/area (Prices vary from city to city)*
Liposculpture $1,200/area (Prices vary from city to city)*
Face Upper Blepharoplasty $2,900*
Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty $5,900*
Browlift $3,900*
Facelift (includes Neck Lift) $14,900*
($8,900 Upfront Plus $116/week 52 weeks. No Interest)*
Thread Lift $1950/Region (Normally $2500)*
Otoplasty $4,900*
Rhinoplasty $9,500 (Normally $14,000)*
Male Male Breast Surgery Gynaecomastia $3,990 to $8,900*
Abdominal Etching $8,900*
Body Reshaping Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) $14,500 (Normally $18,000)*
($9,500 Upfront Plus $97/week for 52 weeks. No Interest)*
PRIVATELY Insured $9500 ($7,500 Upfront Plus $77/week for 26 weeks. No Interest)*
Mini-Abdominoplasty $5,900 (Normally $8,900)*
Brachioplasty $8,900*
Thighlift $14,500*
($9,500 Upfront Plus $97/week for 52 weeks. No Interest)*
Full Body Lift $25,000* ($17,000 Upfront Plus $154/week for 52 weeks. No Interest)*
($17,000 Upfront Plus $77/week for 104 weeks. No Interest)*

*Payment Plans are generally available for surgery conducted in Sydney only (Limited in Brisbane). Approvals are subject to patients having a face to face surgical assessment. Prices may change at any time. Price confirmations can only be obtained via a surgical assessment. If privately insured then approx $2,000 can be claimed depending on Insurer (Medicare Rebate : $500). Further Terms & Conditions may apply not stated on this page once a customer has had their surgical/medical assessment.