Join Our Team

Join Our Team
& Get 50% Off

50% sounds

too good to be true?

Then how about 100% off?

Inspire Cosmetics would like to invite new sales agents to it’s team, and one of the major perks to becoming an independent representative is being able to earn credits toward having your own procedure done.

It’s simple & easy to do…

  • 1. Get training from our sales manager
  • 2. Send in online assessments of people wanting to inquire
  • 3. Receive credits of up to $500 toward your own bookings

You are the right type of person if…

  • 1. You find the cosmetic industry interesting and exciting
  • 2. You’re bubbly and outgoing with everyone you meet
  • 3. You are able to build trust with people

Joining our team has been the best way for many to book and pay for their own procedures without having to get finance!

With a small amount ofcommitment anyone can become a team member, and use this program as a vehicle to paying for their own surgery. We are also looking for rising stars! All independent sales agents who are able to produce great results will be invited to become VIP sales reps, which includes salary + leads from our corporate marketing campaigns.

Please understand that becoming a sales agent means you will be an independent representative of our license and brand.

There will be a license fee of $490 to register yourself and receive all appropriate training.

If that all sounds exciting, please submit your details below and our sales manager will call you shortly:


Interested in
becoming a business


Whereby you would be able to build your own high income business in connection to our network?


If you…

Have the motivation to build a lucrative business

Want to be apart of a growing industry

Have at least 1-2 hours per day to devote to the business

Have $4990 start up capital, and could sustain $300 a month in ongoing costs

Would like to build a an income that has no limit (top agents are currently doing an average of $8,000 monthly part time)

Then please inquire about our business partner options…