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Inspire Cosmetics brings to you the best medical finance in Australia! If you are looking for breast implant loans or cosmetic plastic surgery loans of any type then it will be hard to beat our low interest rates. Pay monthly surgery loans are the easiest way to get your procedure done quickly. Whether it’s bariatric, weight loss finance or liposuction loans we can help!

You can even pay fortnightly or weekly if you like! We have payment terms from 6 months up to 5 years. Plastic surgery and health finance loans are becoming one of the easiest ways for people all around Australia to get the treatments they want. You can apply online today and be approved within 24 hours!

You Choose How You Want To Spend The Money!

You don’t need to use Inspire surgeons to use our finance team!

You can also use this finance for any other procedures, including:

Dental Procedures

Travel Costs

Bariatric Surgery

Anything you like..

Interest Rates

*Interest rates may change at any time or vary according to your credit rating.

No early repayment fee*

Don’t Be Tricked By “No Interest” Offers!

You will end up paying 14-22% interest before you realise
what’s happened! This is why…

There are many offers in the market place that are tricking people into getting loans and finance for their cosmetic surgery procedures. Most of these no interest offers are backed by what is called “Pay Day Loans” which are nothing more than a glorified private credit card with more interest than the bank. You might get a few months interest free, but those companies know that 90% of people do not pay off their surgery credit card within that time frame, and that’s when they have you! There are very few new and innovative companies like ours that are offering solutions not seen in the market place that don’t have tricks to make them money. Whether dental surgery finance or cosmetic, use our calculator to see our fees.

What Makes Us Different?

We don’t hide the details! Yes there is a small interest fee, but that’s how we make money and deal with the risk of giving you money out of our pocket. C’mon! You know there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world, and if there is you need to be very careful! We have a fantastic offer on the lowest interest rates around.Our money comes from private investors that put their money into huge banking funds specifically for the purpose of lending money. When it comes to medical finance and loans, you won’t beat us! Apply online today…



Gross Annual
Personal Income
(Excluding Super)
$30 000


Work Status
Full time work
including contract
or Self Employment


At least
21 years of age



Supporting Documentation



  • 3 months Bank Statements for Primary income and expense accounts
  • Photo ID



  • The most recent ATO Notice of assessment
  • Individual Tax Returns and notice of assessments for past 2 years
  • Photo ID

* Please note, interest rates may change at any time.These rates are an average market rate, please enquire to get your personal rate.
Early repayment fees may apply to certain changes.

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Submit your details to access the repayments calculator! You will be emailed our online application form that you can use if you want to go ahead. No one has better interest rates, get prices now…

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