How Not To Choose A Surgeon

How do you go about researching which surgeon to use?

Is it all about price or are you after the best of the best?

Well just the other day we were speaking to a young lady who was totally obsessed with getting saline breast implants. She was ringing around to every surgeons clinic in the country to get a price on having a particular type of breast implant that she believed to be the best. Let’s call her “Sally” for the sake of this article…

Sally was so upset due to these points:

1 – Prices were not definitive until she had a consultation with the surgeon
2 – Most surgeons no longer offered the implants she wanted
3 – As she quoted everything she had researched online she wasn’t given direct answers to her questions.
4 – Clinics took anywhere from 2 to 5 days to call her back.

Can you see the issue?

Which of the points above do you think sent her on a wild goose chase?

You guessed it, point 3. Everything Sally was focused on was by means of an article she read online, and now she was set on having those type of implants.

What if she chose an inexperienced surgeon purely because he would use the implants she wanted? What would she do if there were complications down the track and didn’t have a surgeon that would do a corrective surgery free of charge?

So what’s the lesson?

Don’t believe everything you read online. And don’t get your mind set on an idea thinking it’s the be all to end all.

There is a constant flow of new and improved technologies in the cosmetic surgery field and the first to know and use those techniques are of course the surgeons.

Take Your Time

Don’t make a crash decision in a couple weeks. Take a number of weeks to read blogs about new techonology, talk with others who have had the procedure done. Look at the before and after photos of surgeons and their patients.

And most of all…

Book in and chat with the surgeon. Ask him about his background and experience with the procedure. Is he/she a licensed practitioner? Is he a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, and even ask him what the difference is.

Talk about the options available for the procedure, there is usually more than one way he could go about it.

Ask about all of the follow up assessments that are offered and what will happen if there is an issue after surgery.

Who pays for what? What is considered my fault vs yours?

1 – A licensed and qualified surgeon
2 – Uses the latest technology
3 – Has a reputation & warranty for post op care
4 – You feel comfortable with them during your consultation

These are the things to consider. Of course you need a reasonable price, but you can still find the above 4 points at reasonable prices!

We truly hope you find what you are looking for when undergoing cosmetic surgery. Remember it’s your body, it’s your choice!???????