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Are you frustrated with how your breasts look? Do you feel that bigger breasts can enhance your sex appeal? Want to achieve fuller, natural-looking breasts and boost your self-confidence? If you are experiencing these problems and wanting to achieve a breast profile you once dreamed of, then undergoing a breast augmentation procedure might be the answer.

Breast augmentation surgery is a method to increase the size of the breast and augment its shape to create a fuller and appealing appearance. Most of our patients opt for a breast augmentation procedure to feel good about themselves and be happy for this achievement. If you are considering this procedure, our team of surgeons who are certified by FRACS and has a vast experience in the cosmetic surgery field can aid you achieve your desired breast profile.

Are breast implants safe?

All of our breast implants are consist of durable and safe outer casing and a stable inner filler material. The internal filler can be saline, silicone or a combination of both. During the consultation process, our surgeons will discuss the procedure along with its related risks and complications.

What breast shape and size suits me best?

Breast implants differ in a number of ways: their size, shape (tear drop or round), surfaces (smooth or textured) and projection (the amount by which the breasts project forward). The most suitable type will vary from person to person, depending on factors such as amount of sagging skin and shape of the breasts. Round implants are used to give fuller upper breast fullness and prominent cleavage whilst teardrop-shaped implants can create a more natural appearance.

What breast implant type works best for me?

According to scientific research, silicone implants do not cause cancer or any illnesses, and the latest cohesive gel implants are stable and do not leak into the surrounding breast tissues. Implants do not last forever, and may require secondary surgery for replacement of breast implants or you can have them removed. Normally, breast implants lasts about 10 to 15 years. Ask your doctor about the normal changes in your breasts after the procedure to determine if replacement is necessary. Our surgeons will help you consider your options and answer your questions regarding the procedure. They will help you to fully understand the operation along with its risk and you will have the opportunity to view before and after photos of the procedure. If you are planning breast augmentation surgery, take time to finalize your decision. Research, preparation and planning on your part will go a long way to making sure that you will achieve your desired breast profile.

Our surgeons have a vast experience in cosmetic surgery and are all specialists in the field. They will help you throughout the procedure for you to decide on the best size and shape of breast implants and assist you in understanding several factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right breast implants.

What shall I expect during the procedure?

The procedure can only begin after your concerns, expectations and desired breast implant are discussed with your surgeon. Breast augmentation procedures are meticulously performed at our state-of-the-art surgery centre, under a general anesthesia for lesser discomforts. After proper sterilization of instruments and the operative field, our surgeon will create an incision under the breast tissue where scarring will be hidden by the natural crease under the breast. The chosen breast implant will now be securely positioned in the pocket and the incision is then closed with absorbable sutures. Using such sutures eliminate the need for suture removal after the surgical wound has healed. Sterile dressings will be then applied and you will be required to wear a support garment or bra for a few weeks to avoid unnecessary breast movements that may reopen the surgical wound. Most patients need only a few days off work and can resume their normal activities.

Can such near-fatal complications happen?

In the hands of an expert and qualified surgeon, fatal complications which are related to improper anesthesia administration are usually rare. In fact, breast augmentation is a very safe procedure. Patients can only experience mild symptoms after the procedure such as swelling, tolerable pain, bruising and slight redness of the operated area.

How much will I spend for the procedure?

Our all-inclusive packages is budget-friendly and with no hidden charges. Each package’s cost will depend on your surgeon’s fee, type of anesthesia used, implant’s type and brand, pre-operative tests to determine your fitness for the procedure, and follow-up. Usually, your Medicare or other health insurance programs will not cover the costs as this is considered as a cosmetic surgery and not a surgery to correct bodily functions. Talk to one of our sales representatives or customer service agents to get a free estimate on the procedure.

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