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Breast Augmentation & Implants – Floreat

Breast augmentation or colloquially a boob job, is one of the most performed and safest cosmetic procedure worldwide. The surgery is popular because it provides long-term solution to small breast size and asymmetry. Women typically describe a lack of self-esteem, feeling less attractive and being limited in clothing choices with their smaller and underdeveloped breasts. For some, they aim to address the breast changes related with pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight fluctuations which of often results in a loss of the previously satisfactory breast appearance.

Our highly trained surgeons see women with a variety of concerns and aim to develop a tailored plan which will best suit each and every one of them. They will work with you to determine your individual needs and expectations and to go over every aspect of your surgery. You are encouraged to have all your questions answered before booking a procedure for you to have a better understanding of what you will go through.

Who chooses breast augmentation?

Women who have always been unsatisfied with the size of their breasts and who have often felt that a breast augmentation may be an option for them are good candidates for the procedure. However, they must be in good overall health with no history of clotting and bleeding disorders, heart disease, and hypertension. Some of these patients wait several weeks or even years before seeking a surgical consultation and they often really had a better understanding of the procedure. A personalized, reassuring consultation with our surgeons can address any concerns and can lead to the development of a detailed, realistic and reliable plan.

Women who have usually had children and wish to restore their breast volume are also good candidates. Normally, the breasts begin to sag over time and having children one or more times may contribute to more sagging. Breast implants may address these issues although some women may require a breast lift in conjunction with breast augmentation in case of severe breast sagging.

Women who describe their existing breasts as “pretty good” but would like to enhance it a little so that it would looker fuller and rounder are also good candidates. This is often felt as a desire to wear body fit clothes or swimwear which just don’t suit with their previous breasts. A consultation will focus on establishing realistic goals and will include a careful discussion of risks and benefits of the procedure.

What sort of implants will suit you?

There are two main types of implant filling material which your surgeon will present to you: silicone and saline. Generally, most surgeons prefer silicone because of its tactile qualities – it has more natural feel and without the tendency to ripple like saline implants. Silicone implants can be round or tear drop in shape.

Your body size, particularly your chest width will influence the appropriate size of your implants. Smaller implants tend to look more natural while bigger changes can be noticeable. Time spent choosing and planning is vital because changing implants if not suitable for the patient involves further surgery, risk and expense. Rest assured, your surgeon will provide you with the most suitable implants that are based on your preferences and the amount of breast tissues you have.

What will the recovery time be?

After the procedure, most women will tight and sore. The discomforts are usually mild and can manage by oral pain relievers. Office workers may plan on having two weeks off or longer. Of course, the time required for recovery may significantly vary from person to person. Recovery is aided by a support bra or specialized garments and maintaining the shoulders and arms immobile as much as possible. You will be advised to increase your protein intake, stop current medications such as Aspirin and other vitamins, and will be prohibited to perform activities that require heavy lifting.

If you are breastfeeding your child, you are allowed to do so. The ducts and glands involved in milk production lie above the implant and will normally work just as before. If you will undergo breast imaging such as mammography, you are allowed to undergo such procedure as it will not damage your implants. Occasionally, extra images will be taken to ensure accurate results.

If during your recovery period you experience one of the following signs and symptoms, consult with your doctor immediately:

  • Difficulty of breathing, skin rashes and itching
  • Severe bleeding (hemorrhage)
  • Visible or palpable implants
  • Increasing pain
  • Fever
  • Pus draining in the wound
  • Reopening of wound
  • Irregular breast shape
  • Breast sensation changes

How much is a breast augmentation?

Total costs of the procedure will depend on the fees of your surgeon, hospital, anesthesia, implant and medications used. Review your health insurance policy as cosmetic procedures may not be covered. Talk to one of our customer service agents and get a free estimate.

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