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A woman who has a pair of full and bouncy breasts can reflect her confidence and feminine character. Women who enjoy wearing dress hint with a little sexual reveal like cleavage, are proud of their body and want to make their image impression last. However, women with underdeveloped breasts can have low self-esteem and may want to do something about it. There are alternative options to enhancing small breasts but their results are usually temporary. These include wearing padded bras or just accepting the fact that there is nothing you can do about it. However, it is never too late to do something about your small breasts and make it look fuller. With breast augmentation procedure, the results will be forever and it can change not just your breast profile but how you look at yourself.

Our team of FRACS-certified surgeons will guide you through the whole process until you achieve your desired breast appearance. Each of our medical facility is equipped with the latest imaging system, gadgets and surgical techniques to make your surgical experience safe and comfortable as possible.

The consultation process

When you and your surgeon meet for the first time, they will assess you and discuss your surgical options. This the perfect time for you to ask questions regarding the procedure. There are a wide range of medical issues that you need to discuss with your surgeon such as:

Physical health – checking your overall health will help lower your risk for complications and other unexpected outcomes of the surgery.

Mental health – some patients may require counselling instead of surgery.

Medical history – underlying medical conditions such as clotting and cardiovascular problems are contraindicated for the procedure. Also, if you are on medications such as Aspirin, you may need to stop it few weeks prior to the surgery to prevent bleeding.

What are the implants to be used?

Usually, there are two main types of implants used:

Saline implant – this implant is a silicone filled with different amounts of saline. If the implant leaks, its content will be absorbed naturally by the body and it will be expelled.

Silicone implant – a silicone containing elastic gel that feels like natural tissues of the breasts. If the implant leaks, the gel may remain within the breast implant. This may cause no symptoms but may lead to pain and changes in the size of the breasts.

What to expect in the procedure?

Breast augmentation surgery is usually performed by our qualified and experienced surgeons under general anaesthetic, although some use a combination of local and general anaesthetic. The procedure will commence after all the paper works are done – these include the written consent that you signed. After meticulous hand washing and sterilization of the surgical instruments and operative field, your surgeon will now create an incision. The type and location of the incision depends on what you and your surgeon agreed upon during the consultation. The chosen implants will be inserted into the incised area. After proper placement of the implant is determined, the surgeon will now close the wound using absorbable sutures. Sterile dressings will be placed and you may be required to wear support garments. Expect mild pain, swelling, bruising and discomforts which are usually tolerable after the procedure. The final result of the surgery may be visible after a few weeks when swelling has already subsided.

What are the risks and complications to be alert for?

Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • Itchy and inflamed scars
  • Hardening of the scar tissue (capsular contracture)
  • Visible edge of the implant
  • Breast asymmetry (one breast is lower than the other)
  • Reduced milk supply
  • Increasing pain which are not managed by mild analgesics
  • Severe bleeding
  • Wound dehiscence (reopening of the wound)

How will I take care of myself during the recovery period?

General self-care suggestions include:

  • Follow wound care instructions.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting.
  • Keep the wounds away from sunlight for approximately one year.
  • Always wear your support bra or garments.
  • Follow-up with your surgeon regarding when to return for assessment.
  • Avoid unnecessary pressure on the breasts to prevent injury.
  • Stay alert for unexpected signs and symptoms.

How much will I need to spend to achieve fuller breasts?

The total costs depend on the fee of your surgeon, hospital, type of implant and anesthesia used. If you have Medicare or other health insurance, the surgery will not be covered as it is considered as cosmetic surgery and not a procedure to restore the function of a certain body part. You can choose from one of our budget-friendly breast augmentation packages. Talk to our customer service agent and get a free quote now. We assure you that all of the costs contain no hidden charges.

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