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Breast Implants & Augmentation – Brisbane

What Services Do We Offer?

As you can see by browsing our main menu, we offer a range of cosmetic procedures that cover the whole body and face areas. Our surgeons have experience in performing every procedure we offer, and you can view before and after photos on each procedure page.

Breast Implants is one of the most popular procedures, also known as augmentation this procedure offers women the choice as to how large and what shape they would like their breasts to be. Over the years the technology with implants and surgical techniques has allowed this procedure to become very safe. Even when a patient is ready to replace or change the implant size, it is a very common procedure that most breast surgeons are familiar with. Many patients also choose to have liposuction brisbane done at the same time. This is popular to get a beach body look that most people want. Often a breast lift is required for females who have had children or breast fed. In these cases our surgeons will offer 2 options for a breast lift brisbane, but you will need to have a surgical assessment to learn more about these options.

Is a Breast Lift Surgeon Different to a Liposuction Surgeon?

At Inspire Cosmetics we spend a large amount of time selecting the right surgeons to work along with. As you may be aware, surgeons and their qualifications are not all equal. Some have studied around the world, others only here at home, whereas other have years of experience and are part of exclusive fellowships and societies.

Our decision is to partner with fully qualified surgeons with years of experience and who are board certified in Australia. We understand that the government does not require a doctor to have this level of qualification in order to operate, but we have decided to allow no room for error and only allow the most qualified surgeons care for our patients.

Can I Choose Any Location For Surgery?

Depends on the procedure. Depending on the procedure you wish to undergo, it would be wiser to find the best qualified surgeon for you, even if you have to travel to another city, or use an alternative hospital with better technology.

Many times patients do not have complex surgeries and could choose from a range of locations and surgeons. In this case the price and travel time is often the factor to consider, as the quality of the surgeons and facilities are all top class.

For example, a breast implant brisbane procedure will only take 1-2 hours, and you may only be required to see the surgeon 4 days after surgery. If you live within driving distance of the surgeons clinic, you could return easily after 4 days. But if you lived a distance, you might need to consider the costs of staying in a hotel nearby for the required number of nights before the surgeon is happy for you to go home. This might also include plane tickets. Another factor often overlooked is that of a carer. You will be required to have a carer with you on the day of surgery to look after you, help you in and out of a car, drive you around and be ready to tend to your needs when you are recovering at home. Most of the time you will be too tired and sore to pick up heavy objects. You would not want to compromise the results of your surgery by doing anything strenuous, that might tear or delay the healing process. Breast lift Brisbane surgery will take more time to recover than a simple implant. Liposuction Brisbane is a procedure you can often have on the day and return home hours later.

Although many people would like to keep their surgery a secret, you will need to organize someone to help you in this regard. There are also professional services whereby someone will care for anyone undergoing surgery, and help them as needed. Please search for these services in your home area.

How Do I Get An Exact Price?

To get an exact price on your surgery, and find any extra charges you were not expecting, you need to have an online surgical assessment as well as talk with one of our sales representatives who can give you a complete quote.

Our team is able to give you the information you need in order to select your procedure and location. Then with that we can collect your medical information from you, and submit that information for the surgeon to review. The surgeon will then return his advice and recommended procedure which allows the sales representative helping you to give you exact pricing.

Please go ahead and talk to one of our friendly staff today about inspiring your life and body the way you want!

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