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This consultation can be done from any location, as long as you have fast internet access and open a free skype account (and give this to our agents when booking) then you can video chat with the surgeon via the internet.

This consultation price varies from location to location. Please be aware that not all surgeons will do a skype consultation, face to face consultations may be required.

imgFace to Face

This consultation is done with the surgeon in one of our clinic consultation rooms. You will need to travel to the clinic, but can speak with the surgeon face to face.

This consultation is $75 up to $275 depending on the surgeon.

Please note these address of our consulting rooms, to make a decision whether you wish to travel to see the surgeon, or have a consultation via skype.

Sydney Address

Rear Of 51 Burwood Rd, Burwood, Sydney

Brisbane Address

Suite 280, Ground Level, St Andrews Place, 33 North Street, Spring Hill, Queensland, 4000

Melbourne Address

Please enquire for more information.
Agree on a time and date to have your consultation, then pay online with your credit card or eftpos card with the link provided. Direct debit also accepted.
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Do you want someone to call you, and chat further before booking in to see the surgeon ?
In the past we would use sales agents to chat with potential patients and explain their options in detail, however this would never result in a satisfactory outcome. Sales representatives and even surgeons assistants can only ever give you general information because you have not yet been assessed by a qualified surgeon. Therefore we have decided to cut out anyone in the middle and connect you directly with the surgeon. Then after your consultation with the surgeon you will be able to chat with our staff about all possible options, additions and changes to finalise your price and package. You may of course chat with our online staff and ask any questions you would like before booking.You can call our head office on 1300 330 236 to organise someone to call you back if they are available, otherwise you will need to book in to see the surgeon. Please be aware that you will not access the discounts available on this page when booking over the phone.